Summers over.  The snow is beginning to fall.  We are finishing up our summer jobs and reuniting in Bozeman for another winter of skiing, travel, and adventure.  All summer, while slaving for sardines as a commercial fisherman, I couldn’t go more than a couple of hours without finding myself day dreaming of the coming season.  Revelstoke, Nelson, Alaska, Cooke City, the Sawtooths, Wasatch, Lost Rivers, Beartooths, etc…etc…etc….. My brain was racing.  The endless check list of couloirs, lines, peaks, and trips continued to grow.  The anticipation and stoke of a snowy winter kept me charged during the 18 hour fishing days.

At times, I wonder why I spend 4 months of every summer isolated on a 58 foot boat with 4 others, working nonstop, and constantly smelling of the ripest fish slime. All it takes is plugging in my dusty hard drive, maxed out with footage from last winter, and instantly I’m reminded why I put myself in this situation… The cold of winter, dropping into bottomless pow, scoping lines, sending, exploring, the nervousness, the excitement, the adrenaline, the stoke, the camaraderie of your bros grinning through their snow beards… This is the reward, this is what I live for.

We are going to be busy this season with a couple rad projects.  We will be working hard on a two-year wilderness ski project entitled Land of No Use, as well as producing monthly Bomb Snow TV episodes.  Check out the trailers for both projects.

Bomb Snow TV

Land Of No Use

The rock skis are out, and preseason eagerness is in full force.

See ya on the hill,


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